Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Hi folks,

From this point forward, I am going to try to update this blog as much as possible. Posts will be a mixture of my own commentary and links to articles I find interesting. I will, of course, continue to post my published letters to the editor.

So I'll start with three articles. Two are related, I think.

The first piece is by Neil J. Kressel, discussing the dearth of scholarship on Islamic antisemitism. The author talks about the difficulties social scientists face in studying antisemitism in the Muslim world and why those difficulties persist.

The other two are articles by liberal thinkers who supported the Iraq War, which I supported as well. The first is human rights scholar Michael Ignatieff, whose piece appeared in the New York Times Magazine this past Sunday.

The other is by the philosopher Paul Berman, who is probably the most famous liberal thinker behind the Iraq War. Berman's piece is a month or two old; it is in the current issue of Dissent Magazine. In it, Berman recounts a conversation with a friend on the left who was part of the anti-war movement, reminding us that Iraq was a fascist state, and that regardless of the deficiencies in George W. Bush's leadership and the follies of past misadventures, the Iraq War is a war worth supporting.

Feel free to post comments on the articles in the comments section.


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