Sunday, January 04, 2004

Here is a letter from the Independent of December 17, in which I challenge the view that Saddam Hussein's human rights were violated when his image was shown on TV after his capture.

Letter - Saddam - unease replaces triumph.
By Michael Brenner.

Sir: A letter on the capture of Saddam Hussein asserts that the US violated
Articles 13 and 14 of the Geneva Convention by showing his picture on TV (16
December). Besides being a sad commentary on the priorities of some anti-war
activists, this viewpoint is simply incorrect. Articles 13 and 14 were intended
to protect the anonimity of PoWs and ensure their safety. Since Saddam has no
anonimity, and since showing his image on TV serves the very obvious
humanitarian purpose of reassuring frightened Iraqis that the tyrant who
persecuted them for 35 years has been captured, no violation has taken place.

New York.



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