Monday, September 15, 2003

A new letter in the Guardian. This was written in response to a controversial piece by Michael Meacher, a former Secretary in Tony Blair's government. Meacher, I think, is the first member of the British government to assert that the US government was somehow involved in September 11. Here in the United States, these would be considered the ravings of a lunatic. In Europe, these views are apparently part of the mainstream, judging by the overwhelmingly positive response in the letters responding to Meacher's piece.

Monday September 8, 2003
The Guardian

It is not surprising that a man of the irrelevant radical left would rave like a lunatic. The only surprise is that the Guardian would exploit his diseased mind and, in the process, offend the memories of thousands and insult the intelligence of millions.
Michael Brenner
New York

You can also find this letter, and many others, at:

  • Meacher's piece can be found here:


  • Meacher has subsequently claimed that he did not mean to say that the US was involved in 9/11, but it's hard to read his piece any other way.


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