Saturday, February 07, 2004

This entry to inform you that I have updated the links section of the blog. I'm also planning to add the Ha'aretz letter as soon as I can track down a copy of it.

Mideastweb is a highly-respected website that discusses peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is run by Ami Isseroff, one of most intelligent proponents of the two-state solution I've come across. Mideastweb also has an online discussion group. The conversation is usually at a high level, and the contributors are ideologically diverse. Isseroff does a good job of keeping people in line.
is a global journal run by Ethan Casey, a journalist who has, among other things, written for the Financial Times. Blueear is editted and posts about twenty messages a day on various topics. It has a unique blend of perspectives and a contributors from all over the world. Right now, Casey is a visiting journalism professor in Pakistan, and many of his students have become regulars. Blueear represents the unique potential of the internet to break down barriers and increase understanding of other peoples and cultures.

is the English edition of a respected Israeli newspaper. It leans left. It is, however, read all over the world.

is a blog run principally by journalist Steven I. Weiss. It is perhaps the premier liberal Modern Orthodox blog on the net.


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