Friday, May 28, 2004

On Sunday, I graduated from law school. Strange event, this graduation. You sit for nine hours waiting for your name to be called. And you listen to speeches which bring new meaning to the terms "platitude" and "redundant" (which reminds me of this great Robin Williams joke: "Under redundant in the dictionary it says, 'see redundant'). And so does your whole family. One person I know swears she will not attend any graduation ever again.

Unless, of course, the speaker rises above all that. I was fortunate to have such a speaker at my own graduation; it was Stephen King. Who can forget his asking us to imagine our class graduation 100 years from now, with almost all of the seats empty, and wondering what each deceased person has accomplished? OK, it's a variation on the carpe diem theme like all speeches, but believe me, it was an unforgettable image.

Now, of course, I'm ready for the bar exam. No, wait, I'm not remotely ready, which is why I'm taking the BarBRI review course like everyone else except the Pieper cult people. So you're telling me that a six week review course prepares me for the bar after three years of law school drudgery? Yep.

Today I had the first part of Evidence. It was taught by a guy who sounds like he took one too many elocution lessons. The first two days were the criminal section, taught by a professor who sounds like great teacher (either that, or a crooked televangelist, though the guy who will teach the Civil Procedure portion fits that bill much better). I will not soon forget his telling us not to worry about any bestiality questions on the bar exam, acting out the part of the furry creature who would have the unfortunate distinction of having to be molested for such a question to exist. Neither will I forget his recollection of the his Southern mother writing him upon the violent death of Ernesto Miranda, the career criminal whose case happened to give us the Miranda warnings. She wrote what a pity it was that the man who gave "so much" to the criminal justice system had passed on.

By the way, Irina T. has put up a new blog. It is called "The Noble Experiment" and ca be found at I was pulling for something slightly more exciting, like "Bizarress of Brighton Beach". Then again, I named my blog after myself, which is doubtless the ultimate in conceit and unimaginativeness.

Back to (re)-learning evidence. . .


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