Sunday, January 02, 2005

Tsunamis and Politics

The Tsunami story is undoubtedly the story of 2004 and should become one of the major stories of 2005. It has to be; a natural disaster that causes the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people must be a major priority.

Donations can go to a number of a organizations; I recommend the American Jewish World Service, which has long specialized in providing help to the developing world.

Around the world, there are a number of other possibilities:

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
The B'nai Brith is also helping.
In the UK: World Jewish Aid

When I wrote a couple of days ago that certain people care more about hating Israel than loving their own, some mistook me to mean Muslims. I made no such statement, and regret any misunderstanding.

Anyone who refuses Israeli government aid for political reasons is in this category. Anyone in the West who supports nonsense like this on anti-Zionist grounds . . . don't come near me for a while, because right now, I don't much feel like talking to you.

I am holding off any more comment because I want to find out more about this story before I say anything else. Something about this seems reporter created.


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